Monday, 7 January 2019

Urban Birds and charity finds

Would I manage to get a few jobs done out and about with a toddler in tow? Well today somehow we managed it. Post Office, a bag load of stuff to go to the charity shop, banking, a small amount of shopping, all done on a windy albeit mild day. A few good finds in the charity shop; an old miniature toy town set, plus a lovely small yellow watering can that U was very excited about ( so much so that we watered the plants as soon as we got home).

Walking back to the car down a reasonably quiet but urban street off the main road (Victoria Road) in Govanhill, came the loudest chatter of sparrows from a huge overgrown privet bush. We spent some time peering inside the bush to try and see them. A tangled dense maze of branches, and they flicker and flutter about so quickly it's hard to keep track of them. Then a flash and a swoop and they were on to the next bush, a dozen or so in total I reckon. In the tree above us we saw a magpie pottering about a nest. I love stumbling upon wildlife in the city, the lives of other species existing in the background of so much human activity, hustle and bustle.

Just this past week or so I would say the number of birds coming into closer contact has increased. There's definitely more dunnocks (the most common bird I see that actually uses the bird feeder) and blue tits at our bird feeder. A wagtail was hopping across the road yesterday and a good number of goldfinches use the trees outside our flat. The odd song thrush. Still no sign of the bullfinches I saw frequently last year.

P.S Just managed a few pictures of our finds:



  1. Can just imagine the excitement with the yellow watering can - what a find. I miss our field birds from the farm and actually see very little bird life here. There will be some at the back I am sure but I live in the front andbecause of the road there is little there although I do hear a regular song thrush visitor in the summer with his beautiful song. Presume U is pleased to be home! xxx

  2. The road doesn't seem to put off the birds here, but we do have a few trees which I think helps. Do you think a bird table in your front garden would help attract them? You had such a lovely view of them at the farm, but I'm continuously surprised at the places I keep finding wildlife xxx


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